13 Jan 2012

Power DNS on CentOS 6

Submitted by Gangrif

I've been using a homebrew sql backend for BIND for a while now. The idea was to make dynamic dns updates easier for my home machines. Its worked pretty well, I like my self written tool, but it lacks a web interface, and it's also a little clunky. I thought about rewriting it, but i decided to look around and see if something else already existed. A friend mentioned PowerDNS. So I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm loosely following the instructions I found here.

06 Jan 2012

Legislation wants to screw up our Internet...

Submitted by Gangrif

So, first let me say that I'm no law expert. I am however something of an IT Pro. IT's been my career, well, since I graduated High School. IT's been my hobby, and I guess you could say Passion since long before that. I've worked for ISP's, Web Hosts, and now I'm a member of the IT staff at a respectable small liberal arts college. I'm respected for my skills, opinions, and abilities. I say all of this so that you'll know who I am and what I know. Which may, or may not, add credibility to what I'm about to write in this blog entry.

27 Oct 2011

Google Chromebook.

Submitted by Gangrif

I was reading this quarter's 2600 Magazine, and came across an article regarding the Google ChromeBook.  This particular model was the CR48.  He'd gotten it as part of a pilot program from Google, and he was testing it out for a week.  His goal was simply to use it for a week, as his primary computer, and see how he liked it.  His review was about what I expected, basically that it was a neat idea, and that he could see a use for it, but it was _not_ something an experienced user would be satisfied with.

29 Aug 2011

Google+ and Diaspora.

Submitted by Gangrif

So, a while back, I heard about this neat new project that was based on this idea that Eben Moglen put forth.  All about taking the internet back into the hands of its users, rather than handing our personal data blindly over to a cloaked 3rd party.  This project is called Diaspora.

03 Aug 2011

Gnome, Gnome, what have you done?

Submitted by Gangrif

Anyone running Fedora, and gnome, that likes to keep their system up to the current release, has seen Gnome 3 by now.  I've had a few issues with it, and I've found ways to get around them.  I thought I'd write a blog about it.  This is my take on Gnome 3 and Gnome shell.

Wht the hell were you guys thinking?!

29 Jul 2011

Python errors in RedHat's koan, when provisioning with satellite.

Submitted by Gangrif

We recently build a RHEL6 virtualization cluster.  Using RedHat Cluster Suite, libvirt, and kvm.  To manage our RHEL boxes, we use RHN Satellite.  On our RHEL5 cluster, this works very well.  We can provision VM's using satellite and kickstart.  Enter some data, clickity-click, wait 15 minutes, and you have a VM. After building our fancy new cluster on RHEL6 however, we found this functionality broken.  This blog entry is a loose transcription of the aggrivation that I've dealt with attempting to hammer out this issue with RedHat's support.