Month: October 2010

Dismantling a desk drawer lock with a paper clip.

I found myself at work the other day, without my keys. Luckily our offices share the same key, so a co-worker was able to get me into my office. Not so my desk though. I don’t keep anything terribly sensitive in my desk, because i’ve always felt the lock was a tad on the cheap…

From the Deep

“Here we are again, on this rust-bucket of a boat.” thought James, as he looked around at the poorly supplied vessel he found himself on. Hardly any ammunition, a single torpedo, practically defenceless. “It’s a good thing I’ve got Wren to look out for me…”. James, and two other mercenaries were contracted by a ships…

Knowledge isn’t innate, it comes from a willingness to know.

Over the past 20 year or so of my life, I’ve been tinkering with these things called computers. I started out when i was young, in my parent’s attic, on my Dad’s Atari computer. He had a simple system, one 5.25″ floppy drive, and a hand full of software for it. He used it for word processing, and a hand full of games. I can vaguely remember the first time we sat down, and he showed me how to load up a game off of one of these floppies. The procedure involved in turning the thing on, and when the disk had to be put in, when to push the power button all of that. I cant remember how old i was, but it had to be before i was 9. I could have been… 6, maybe 7? I’m not trying to get nostalgic, this is back story, It’ll make sense in a minute.