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Adding a first boot task via systemd

Sometimes You just want to run a task once, the first time a system boots. There are a bunch of ways you could do this, but I was working on trying to solve a specific use case for a customer. In this case, we’d like to run some tasks on the first boot of a…

So You Wanna Start A Podcast – BSides Delaware 2018

This is a presentation I made at BSides DE 2018 about my experience starting The Iron Sysadmin Podcast, and my YouTube channel SWBCrawler. Enjoy!

Migrating password hashes from Samba NT4 domain to Active Directory

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything, but today we managed to solve a particularly important problem, that we were having trouble finding answers to, and I wanted to share it so that others might benefit. First, a little back story.  We’re currently running a Samba 3 domain, on RHEL, which emulates an…

Hack My Derby

In 2011, Dave Kennedy and his crew started a little conference, called DerbyCon.  Named for its location, in Louisville, KY, it’s an awesome infosec con, with a great atmosphere.  Because of the name, derby hats have been a staple. Much of the staff wear them, and many attendees also wear them.  Many of them are…

An actual entry

I almost have a functional blog here… That just cant be. Can it? Not bad considering this is only my second attempt at php. I need some decent formatting, maybe a better look all around, but this is shaping up to be a decent page.