Month: December 2009

Some good ol house music for your Tuesday.

I’m into quite a few types of music. Mostly anything that has a good beat, and a deep sound. I always imagine that a lot of people who have been exposed to my taste in music are baffled by the seeming variety of genre’s I listen to. There’s a theme believe it or not. Its hard to describe. I like bass, and I like guitar. If its got a deep sound, I like it. This can be found in a few genre’s commonly. Mostly electronic music, like House, and Trance, and a lot of Rock/Metal has the same element. So, most of what I listen to falls into these few genre’s.

One of the DJ’s that I started following while XM’s “The System” was still on the satellite waves, is Zoltar. He had two shows, The Mutant Dance Party, and Subterranean. Both are shows where he plays mixes of club music. Mostly house. One of these shows can still be heard on Sirius/XM’s “Area”, though its never on when I’m able to listen since Sirius/XM has so royally screwed up the pricing for XM customers that I can no longer listen online (as i refuse to pay extra for a service which used to be included in my package), but i’m getting off topic. You can still download podcasts of Zoltar at, so this is how I currently listen to Zoltar.

I downloaded his most recent show, which is a year-end review, a best-of 2009 show. One of the songs that caught my eye.. er.. ear was Melleefresh, and Deadmau5 doing “Hey baby”. Nice beat, suggestive lyrics, but that’s ok. So I started hunting around online for an MP3, so I can listen to just that song whenever i’d like. I found one, but in my search I also found a rather amusing YouTube video. Something to think about before watching this video is this. These are usually one-off DJ tracks. A lot of them are not really professionally recorded. Most of them do not have videos produced by the artist. So, fans will create videos which sort of fit. Most of them are videos just for the sake of being videos, some feature a still image and just play the music. This one is a mash-up of a ton of different suggestive animations, which have been floating around the ‘net forever. So, if you don’t mind suggestive lyrics, lots of looped almost-nakedness, and a deep progressive beat, then check out this video. 😀

Star Trek Online.

Well, it looks like the game’s going to make it out the gate! After quite a bit of ups and downs. Cryptic recently announced a release date (02/02/2010) and the game is available for pre-order. You also get some cool extra’s for pre-ordering. I’ve pre-ordered, you should too! 😛