Month: January 2008

Dell and Google to build an iPhone competitor?

Slashdot has an article regarding Dell’s entrance into the PDA Phone market.  Experts speculate that Dell and Google will announce a partnership in building an iPhone like product.  Running google’s software, and on dell’s hardware ‘Id assume.  This should be interesting.

I just hope they do a better job on it than they did on my Dell Pocket DJ.  That things a buggy piece of crap.  Sure, it plays music, but half the time it locks up doing simple things like.. ohh.. adding music to the current playlist! 

At any rate, i guess we’ll find out if theyre right at next month’s 3GSM telecoms conference in Barcelona, which is where theyre expected to make their announcement.


I should be working on the jeep…

My jeep’s been up on stands for months…  I miss driving my jeep.  I need to get back to working on it.

I”m about 1/4 of the way into an SOA conversion.  I have the rear out, and the new springs in place temporarily.  I need to get some bolts, some busihngs, and some u-bolts.  Not to mention shocks, i’ll need rear shocks when all is said and done.

I havent even started on the front yet.  I really need to get back to working on it.  Things have been so damned hectic lately.  Now that Christmas has passed, i should be able to set aside some time for working on it.  Hopefully.



STO: Who’s taken the torch?

According to this link on Warcry’s forums, Cryptic Studio’s (the makers of City of heros/villians) has is the recipient of the STO content.  With any luck they’ll actually pick up where P2 left off, and not severely muck up what thus far promises to be an excellent game.   -War (Crossing fingers)

Possibly bad news for STO.

A friend of mine passed along this article yesterday.

Apparently Perpetual entertainment has changed their name (To P2 Entertainment), and ceased work on STO, and transfered all but the game code to another developer.  I’m really hoping that this does not really mean that STO’s going to turn into Vaporware, but it just doesn’t look good.

At the very least, this means we’re going to have to wait a whole lot longer for STO…  Sigh.



Youg IT workers expect too much?

I read an article on SlashDot today about young IT staff expecting too much in compensation for their skills.  The article claimed that members of the "Millennials" generation are jaded due to the high quality of life they were subjected to as children in the US.  So i guess being a prosperous country, and not living in fear of militants, starvation, and plague is actually bad for you? 

It’s an interesting read honestly.  As a member of said generation, I can say that i’ve seen exactly what theyre talking about.  I’m pretty modest when it comes to my skills, and i’m pretty greatful for the salary i get currently.  I cant imagine demanding more just because i’m full of myself. I have however seen a number of my friends and co-workers move on to "better" jobs for higher pay or status. At my current job i’ve been witness to a stream of developers and admins that come and go. always looking for that "perfect" job.  Since I started here, 2 network admins have passed through, one of which was only here for a month and a half, 4 web designers, and 3 developers.  That’s JUST the IT staff!  Forget about Sales staff.  And i’ve only been here for just over 2 years!  My last job.. I spent 8 years working for the same company.  Started there just out of High School.  Guess why i left?  Money.  Ha!  Sounds like i’m a hypocrite eh?  Not really, the place i used to work for horribly underpay’s their IT staff, unless you have the right last name, or you’re in the right position or you’ve been there since the place opened their doors (15 years ago or so) then you make CRAP wages, but that’s a whole other blog post.

It’s like people dont appreciate their job’s anymore.  I feel privileged to work in this country.  I dont feel that I’m owed a job.  It’s more like i owe my employer for my job. Isn;t that how it works?  I work for him, i do my job, he pays me… Not he pays me, and i gripe about my job and do as little as possible.

I guess i was just raised differently than all of the rest of my generation.




As you read in another posting, I’m an EQ Vetran.  I stopped playing due to lack of time, money, and to be honest, a loss of interest.  Sony has an excellent game in EQ, but some of the implementation is poor.  Experience for example.  It would take me DAYS (of a few hours a day) to get a level, ONE level!  I’m admittedly a casual gamer at best.  I play when i have time and nothing else important to do.  When i was in my EQ hayday, i played about 2-4 hours after work before i went to bed (worked second’s, home at 10:30pm, grabbed a snack, logged in about 11 logged out between 1 and 2AM).  So you wouldn’t exactly call me a powergamer.  I enjoyed the game though.  LOTS of geography to explore, and that’s what i love in a game. There were nights i’d just explore, see what i could find. 

As I hinted at earlier, I dont exactly agree with how Sony runs the game.  I think Experience is too slow, and the whole game is geared toward grouping.  Which is great for players with a lot of friends, but i like to play my Rogue like a rogue, Rogues dont really surround themselves with paladin’s, cleric’s, and well,, pretty much anyone else.  Theyre a reclusive lot, they do their thing in the shadows, when no one notices them.  Taveling around with a group of 5 other players is just not rogue like!  I had a few friends, but at most i’d play in groups of 2 or 3.  So i was stuck fighing creatures of lower levels than Me, so i the already slow experience, was EVEN SLOWER because i couldnt fight creatures of my level or higher. 

So i quit, like i said, lost interest, didnt want to pay for a game that i wasnt playing.  Lost my level 20ish rogue (main character) and a years worth of work (i told you i wasnt a power gamer).  A little while later i read about this project by HackerQuest, they were developing an EQ emulator.  Kinda neat.  Spent a day tinkering with it.  At the time it was terrible, so i gave it up, but it got me looking for other emulators.

Enter EQEmu.

This looked like a much better project than hackerquest’s from the get-go.  It’s built as a stand in for Sony’s server.  It is meant to mimic sony’s server, but the whole thing is configurable.  You can modify the EXP rate (nudge nudge) party exp rate, all the creatures, spawn points, loot tables, everything!

I first found EQEmu in 2004 or so.  I’m more of a do it yourself kinda guy, so i downloaded the source. 0.6.0 IIRC, and built a server.  Took me days.  It fought me every step of the way!  Heh.  But i got it working.  It was dog slow on the hardware that i had at the time.  And so full of bugs that it was unplayable.  So i gave up on the whole thing.

A few years later (Now) i decide to check back on the project and see what’s changed.  Theyre up to 0.7.0 now, A lot of servers are up and running (probably 30, vs the 8 or so that were live when i first tried it).  Most are custom.  There’s a whole project dedicated to just item/monster/spawn/quest data collection.  Once again, i ran through and setup my own server.  Things went much more smoothly this time. I’d learned a lot since my first attempt.  I know what i’m doing with C++ compliation, source tree’s, makefile modifications, and MySQL now.  I set it up, played around with it, then promptly started playing on someone elses server.  My server’s still up and running, but it’s got 1 player… Me. So that gets kinda boring.  I’m playing on Project EQ‘s "grand creation" server.  Which is where they have their database of quests, monsters, items, whatever live for players.  It’s about 95% legit (as compared to live).  The experience is turned up a little. (about 1.5 times) which is nice, its not so much that you get that cheater feeling, but it’s faster than on live, which is teriffic! 

My wife and I are both playing.  She;s new to the game, but she’s enjoying it.  There’s something about EQ.  It’s just easier to play than a lot of other MMO’s out there.  We played DAOC together for a bit, and she got bored with it quick, then we played WoW on WoWSexy for a while, again, bored, but this is working out nicely.  I’m playing my Rogue, Gangrif, and she;s playing a Ranger, Arora, both Half Elves.  We’ve been playing up in BlackBurrow and kicking some Gnoll behind for about a week now.  We just hit Level 12 last night. I’m collecting BB Gnoll Skins for the Burning Rapier quest, which i intend to run through once i;m a high enough level.  The problem is, i know nothing about rangers, so it’s all new to me, as to what we need to get her.