I read an article on SlashDot today about young IT staff expecting too much in compensation for their skills.  The article claimed that members of the "Millennials" generation are jaded due to the high quality of life they were subjected to as children in the US.  So i guess being a prosperous country, and not living in fear of militants, starvation, and plague is actually bad for you? 

It’s an interesting read honestly.  As a member of said generation, I can say that i’ve seen exactly what theyre talking about.  I’m pretty modest when it comes to my skills, and i’m pretty greatful for the salary i get currently.  I cant imagine demanding more just because i’m full of myself. I have however seen a number of my friends and co-workers move on to "better" jobs for higher pay or status. At my current job i’ve been witness to a stream of developers and admins that come and go. always looking for that "perfect" job.  Since I started here, 2 network admins have passed through, one of which was only here for a month and a half, 4 web designers, and 3 developers.  That’s JUST the IT staff!  Forget about Sales staff.  And i’ve only been here for just over 2 years!  My last job.. I spent 8 years working for the same company.  Started there just out of High School.  Guess why i left?  Money.  Ha!  Sounds like i’m a hypocrite eh?  Not really, the place i used to work for horribly underpay’s their IT staff, unless you have the right last name, or you’re in the right position or you’ve been there since the place opened their doors (15 years ago or so) then you make CRAP wages, but that’s a whole other blog post.

It’s like people dont appreciate their job’s anymore.  I feel privileged to work in this country.  I dont feel that I’m owed a job.  It’s more like i owe my employer for my job. Isn;t that how it works?  I work for him, i do my job, he pays me… Not he pays me, and i gripe about my job and do as little as possible.

I guess i was just raised differently than all of the rest of my generation.