So about 2 weeks ago, a nasty storm came through the area, I was at work, and my car was parked in the lot there.

We hear a storm rolling in, and look out the windows, what do we see? HAIL! Nasty hail too! Some pieces as large as golf balls! Now, my vehicles have been caught in hail before, the last time i was driving a 1989 Chevy S-10 Blazer. I’ve never had hail actually dent a vehicle. Well currently i’m using a 2005 Dodge Neon as my daily driver. Let me tell you, they must make newer cars out of lighter metal or something, because my hood, roof, and trunk lid, look like someone pelted them with a paint ball gun, firing metal bearings!

A guy i hunt with, who lives about 3 blocks from where I live, had his house and cars dammaged to the point where he’s getting a pretty big settlement out of it. He’s paying off his truck, re-siding his house, replacing a few AC units, windows, and putting a new roof on the place! I’d say that’s some dammage!

So i took the Neon to a body shop yesterday morning. Waited an hour for an estimate because theyre so swamped with other people who need to get their car’s fixed from the hail. $1900! I couldnt believe that the dammage i got was going to cost $1900 to fix! Its a good thing i have a good car insurance company. All i need to pay is my deductable, and they’re paying the rest. I’d call that a deal. They said that my car’s actually pretty minor compared to some of the vehicles theyre getting in. There was a guy in state pickup there just before me, his estimate was $2500! There were so many cars in their parking lot, that it looked like a used car lot. I guess right now is a good time to be in autobody… 😛