Are you young? College kid maybe? Or perhaps just never owned a credit card, and youre thinking about applying?


Credit cards are pure evil. Everyone has one anymore, and if they keep things under control, they love them. They just keep them for emergencies, or for that little spending once in a while…. Well, I’m telling you right now, theyre just a sick fuggin game that banks like to play. They take a kid right out of high school, or just getting into college, give him a $1500 limit, and a fscking ginormous interest rate, and make him think its a free pass to luxury. Well dont buy it!

My first credit card has a modest $500 limit. I thought, how much trouble can i get myself into with a $500 limit? Well that wasnt the problem, i coul dhandle the $500 limit, even if i maxed it, at most it took me one or two paychecks to pay it off. But it built my credit up a little, so when i decided that it was time for a better card, i got one at $1500…. Still not terrible, a little more dangerous, but nothing to get too bent out of shape over, a few months of cutting my spending can cover $1500 right? Well before I knew it, i had a Discover Platinum card, with a $7500 limit! Before i knew it, i had a few THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of stuff charged to it! It adds up quick! After i got married, we consilidated a bunch of other junk on to that card, and maxed it…. Then i enrolled it, and a few other cards (between my wife and I) in a debt consolidation program, we pay $140 or so a month to that card… and guess what? From that $7500 that we started with… we just broke $6000. Un believeable.

So, dont do it, dont get a credit card, dont fall into their game of interest rates, fee’s, and bullshit. It’s not worth it…