I just read an interesting article on CNN Money. About how SOPA and Protect IP were killed, not by the huge sums of money throw at their opposition and support, but by technologists, like me, who opposed the bill, and made it known to as many people as they could. I have to say.. I can’t stop smiling.

From what I understand of the whole lobbyist thing, it boils down to this. Huge company A would like to see a certain piece of Legislation pass. So they “donate” a large sum of money to politicians which could then support (or oppose) the bill. So, if I’m a company, in the busines of content, and I’d like to see this bill related to protecting intellectual property pass… I give gobs of money to the right people and in turn, they scratch my back, and support the bill. Tell me again how that’s _not_ bribery? Maybe I don’t understand the full concept. That’s beside the point at the moment though.

The article basically spotlights how lots of money was thrown into both sides of the SOPA/Protect IP struggle, and in the end, what killed the bills was public knowledge. Our protest on 1/18 raised awareness to the point where no one was willing to push the subject anymore, because of the possibility of losing their seat. That’s what it seems to have come down to anyway. Piss off the voters, and you lose your job next time elections come around.

Political corruption aside. Good job Netizens. You stood up, made yourselves heard, and you made a difference. Possibly one that saved the internet as we know it. For now anyway.