I have an HTC Incredible, bought it a few months ago, and shortly thereafter rooted it.

I used the Unrevoked one-click root tool.  Just plug in your HTC droid via USB, set it to Sync mode, and fire up the app.  It’ll install ClockworkMod Recovery, and sets S-OFF, and enables superuser access.  You can then install root apps, like wireles tethering, Titanium backup, and a number of other things.  One great thing that Clockwork gives you, is the ability to run NAND backups of your current running ROM, and the ability to install other ROMS.  Which is perfect!

I’ve been using the phone like this for a while now, and thought I might give a non-stock rom a shot.  So I found what looked like an interesting rom on DroidForums.net and decided to give it a shot.  The ROM I’m trying out is called “Incredibly Reengineered“. 

So, i booted into recovery, by powereing down my phone, and then holding volume down + power until i was presented with HBOOT.  In the menu, select Recovery. I then ran a NAND backup.  I also booted up the phone, and backed up a number of apps using Titanium Backup. I have some apps that if reinstalled would cause me some grief.  Like the Blizzard Authenticator.  If its reinstalled, its serial number changes, and if that happens, it’s no longer sync’d to Blizzard, and my authenticator tokens wont work.  That’s a PITA, I’ve had to deal with it once before. 

So, Once i backed up my data, and the original ROM, so I could restore back to the original stat if needed, i felt comfortable going ahead with the ROM install.  So I downloaded the rom, and copied it to the SD card in my phone.  The procedure is to boot into Clockwork, and then tell Clockwork to install the ROM by selecting the zip.  So i did that.  I was running the latest ClockworkMod Recovery,  It turns out that this was my first mistake., while having the latest and greatest fixes, also does not support amend.  Which is the language that the updater script talks.  This is a move that Google made in Android 1.5!  Custom rom developers never made the switch.  With the move to Android 2.3, Clockwork had to move away from amend, and exclusivly support Edify, which is the replacement for amend.  Its a similar language, but not similar enough that you can just convert a script from one to the other…  This posed a problem.

Everyone’s current solution is to patch back to Clockword 2.5.  I tried, and failed, ended up havinv to re-flash Then i remembered UnRevoked!  It flashes 2.5!  So i re-ran unrevoked, and essentially re-rooted my phone.  Which got me back to ClockworkMod Recovery 2.5.2.  After that, I ran the ROM install, and all is well!  I’m up and running on Incredibly Reengineered, and i have to say, i like it!  I’m hoping that they release a version running Gingerbread soon, as that was the original goal here.  The problem is, I want a ROM that has the Sense widgets.  Seems that none of the custom roms currently around for the Incredible have Sense.  This one has some of the widgets, like the weather/time widget that seems to identify the Sense home screen. I may try other roms, but so far, I’m really liking this one.