Yesterday I hopped on to Facebook to check in for the evening. I found a friend of mine had posted a link to a news article. His comments made me think (before i even read the article) that he was shocked at the content, and disagreed with it. After I read the article, and watched the attached broadcast news clip, I understood why.

The article, about a Hallmark graduation card, which offended the NAACP went on to describe how one of these greeting cards, with the cheapo internal speakers, that plays a greeting when you open it, was demeaning to black people, and the NAACP was making a stink over it. Hallmark, in order to avoid offending people (which is noble enough) decided to remove the card from shelves and apologized. They also stated that the card had been out on shelves for 3 years, and no one had complained thus far.

The complaint, to sum up for anyone who hasn’t read the article, was that the audio in the card used the term “black whores”, and this was obviously intended to stifle the aspirations of black women. I’ll say this. If the card ACTUALLY SAID THIS, I’d agree 100%, lead the charge against Hallmark for being such insensitive ass holes, and probably wouldn’t be writing this blog post…. Yea, so that’s what I’d be doing if there was a legitimate complaint there. The card didn’t say that however, it said “black holes”. The card was themed after the solar system, talking about how the graduate could take on anything. I wasn’t able to find a full transcript from the card, as that would give you, you know, CONTEXT, but here’s the offending snip.

And you black holes, you are so ominous. Watch your back

What are these people thinking? How could someone seriously believe that hallmark would really release a card with such an obviously racist, no, outright offensive, statement? Short answer? These people are LOOKING FOR A FIGHT. The race issue, in my opinion, is calming down. We have after all elected a mixed race president, and you know what, the man’s race never enters my mind. I disagree with his politics, but that’s how it should be, right? If you ask me, racism would slowly vanish if groups, and individuals would stop playing the victim and bringing it back to the forefront.

Let me show you where I’m coming from before I go down the rant highway. I’m in my early 30’s, I live in a nice neighbourhood, I have a wife, two dogs, and a kid on the way. I have a steady job, I work for what I have, and I like it that way. Yea, sure, everyone likes something for free, and I’m no exception, but I refuse to live off of someone else. I live within my means as best as I’m able. I’m not racist. Personally I think that the majority of our society have moved past race. Yea, it’s still out there, but it’s not like a minorities have to fight for the right to sit and eat at a restaurant, or get a job where they’re competing with white people.

In fact, it’s to the point where things are almost the opposite. It’s more difficult for me to live, as your average white guy, because I’m paying for government programs that help out minorities. Tuition, assistance, all sorts of leeway for anyone who’s not white. I’m starting to feel like I am the minority here!

This is what I mean when i say civil rights has failed. Not that the minorities and those with disabilities that this is meant to help are not getting help, but that they’re getting so much help that it’s actually hurting the rest of us.