So, i’m sitting here, checking out Sanctuary, on SciFi. I havent seen the show yet, but my interest in Amanda Tapping’s career _after_ Stargate SG1made me want to check it out. Anyway, it’s November 7th. A few weeks from Thanksgiving here in the US. Now, not 2 weeks ago, all of the local stores were flooded with Halloween stuff. Decorations, costumes, whatever.
So what do i see during the commercials of Sanctuary? A wal mart commercial, about.. CHRISTMAS!

Now, dont get me wrong, i like Christmas, it’s an excellent holiday, not just because of all of the peace on earth crap, but the event that it represents. So what am i complaining about? What happened to Thanksgiving! Retail stores, Wal Mart especially, completely ignore this important US holiday in favor of Christmas, a holiday which just rakes in the cash for retail stores. Not just in gift sales, but think of the decorations, tree’s, and other holiday goodies. They just see dollar signs. They dont care about the significance of the holiday, what it means, or what we’re really celebrating. Just how much money they can soak us for.

So everyone, please join me in _NOT_ celebrating Christmas, until it’s actually TIME to celebrate Christmas.

Oh, and how was the show? One word…. Tribbles.