What a crock.

For as long as i can remember, scientists, eco-freaks, and politicians have been moaning about global warming. Greenhouse gasses are eating away at the ozone layer and causing global heat increases… Meanwhile, here we sit, it’s the middle of august, and it’s all of 75 degrees outside. What a bunch of crap.  Where’s this global warming?  It’s certainly not here in PA.  August is usually the hottest month of the summer around here.  All hot, humid, and sticky.  This year, it’s like fall came a few months early. 

I can remember back in the 90’s. i was still a young teen, my Dad used to tell me that he didnt buy into the whole global warming thing either.  He said that this planet was so old, and modern science was so young (comparitively) that it was impossible for these scientists to know what they were looking at.  What if this was just some cycle that the plant goes through?  He didnt know himself either of course, but it made a lot of sense to me.  Seemed like just another issue for people who needed a cause to latch onto.  Sure enough, scientists say we’re now in a state of global cooling.  You know what theyre calling it now?  A cycle that the planet must go through.  Turns out my dad was pretty close to right on his educated guess after all.

Moral of the story?  Don’t rush out looking for a cause that you know nothing about.