A few weeks ago we had another visit with our doctor.  Yea, I’ve been a bit lax in posting this.  The appointment was about 2 and a half weeks ago.

The good news first.

He had us go for bloodwork, the middle of last month, the results were to be sent off to him, and then we were to see him again at the end of the month.  So we went had bled into a tube (again) two vials each. The goal was to find out of the medication he’d put us on was doing it’s job.  And if it was, he wanted to test my wife to see if she’s ovulating, and re-test me, to see if my sperm count was normal again (last time i was tested, i was completely sterile).

Well of course they lost my results, but they already had a sample from me anyway, so they went ahead and tested my count.  I’m normal! (well, as normal as i can be.. heh).  So half of our problem is solved.  So, he wants me to stay on my medicine for a year, and after that, i "should" be able to stop taking it, and keep my levels where theyre supposed to be.  Which is great!

Now, on to my wife’s tests.  Her bloodwork came back normal this time, so her medicine’s doing it’s job too.  So now that she’s got the right balances going on, she should be ovulating.  She stays on her medicine for 6 months, and then, the same as me, she should be fixed.  She’s still got this high dose vitamin that she’s going to have to take for the rest of her life, because of her thrombophelia, but that’s really pretty minor.  So the doctor orders one more test, to see if she’s actually ovulating, she bleeds in a tube, and we head home.


Now for the bad news (you saw it coming, admit it!)

My wife’s blood test says she’s still not ovulating.  

So we don’t yet know what the next step is, she’s going back to see the doctor at the end of august. If i can make it, i’ll be right there by her side.  Whether i’m fixed or not, it’s still just as much my problem as it is hers, at least, in my opinion anyway.


So that’s where we sit for now. With any luck, i’ll have some good news at the end of the month…     Sigh.


This is supposed to be easy…. Remember?