When i was young, I thought starting a family was easy.  Find the right girl, settle down, have kids, lfe is good. When i was in high school i had the same torment that all of the other guys my age had.  One half of you wants to find any girl you can, and get into her pants, while the other half doesnt want to start getting girls pregnant so you’re almost afraid of sex.  I had one friend who had 3 pregnancy scares over 2 of his girlfriends.  And another friend who got his girlfriend pregnant while i was a Freshman in high school.  He was probably all of 16 when it happened.  I;m pretty sure they actually broke up before the kid was even born.

Me? I didnt have much attention from the girls.  There were two girls in the span of my high school years that were a bit closer than friends, but still not serious enough to be a girlfriend.  So i guess i never really had that scare that other guys did. Finally i met the girl that i eventually married.  When we started experementing, that same fear started to come around.  "What if she get’s pregnant?" "Should we really be doing this?".

What’s my point?  My point is that I thought that the baby part was easy.  So easy that it could happen on accident, like it did to so many of my friends.  Like you hear about in the high school guidance class videos.  The ones that try to "prepare" you for real life.  Yea, real life…   I always thought that finding the girl was the hard part.  Getting married, getting a house, getting a steady job to support your family.  Well, i’ve got all of that.  The wife, the house, the job, the stable healthy environment.  What dont i have?  The baby. 

This October, we’ll be married for 5 years.  For about the last 2 of those years, we’ve been trying to start a family.  And for all of the time before that, we havent been trying to avoid it.  We started with the idea that if it happend, it happened.  Then we moved on to, "Ok, now we really want it to happen!".  At first i denied that we might have some sort of fertility issue.  I mean, we were both healthy, how could we not be able to get pregnant? After 5 years of unprotected sex though…. It started to concern both of us.  Finally we decided to see a doctor.

So that’s head us to here.. Where’s here?  Well, after 3 visits to a specialist, we’ve already found out a number of things. My wife’s got something of a genetic defect, which theyre treating with vitimin pills that she’ll have to take for the rest of her life.  Next week she goes to the hospital for an MRI on her brain so they can take a look at her Pituitary gland, and today she picked up her second perscription for a slightly elevated testosterone level.  I’ve got elevated levels of DHEAS, which apparently leads to infertility.  So they have me on this funky pain killer stuff that is somehow supposed to fix that? We havent gotten the full scoop on that yet, we see the specialist again in a few weeks to get a better idea of WTF is wrong with us. 

I dont think it’s supposed to be this difficult.  How is it that our species has gotten so large when it’s apparently so common for humans to have these issues?  Common enough that there’s an entire field of medicine related to it?  Why do 16 year old tramps get pregnant, and a nice responsible couple like my wife and I have to go through months of consultations, bloodwork, and drugs.