I came across two very exciting pieces of information today!

First, i found out that there’s a StarGate SG1 MMO in the works.  It’s called "Stargate Worlds" and it’s based on the Stargate SG1 universe. It was apparently announced back at the beginning of 2006 and i missed it.  It;s being developed by MGM Interactive, and Cheyenne mountain. Pretty cool stuff.  While i was reading about it, i stumbled across a hint of an upcoming Star Trek MMO.  Well… that stopped the Stargate search in its tracks.  I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Star Trek TNG and to some extent DS9.  The slightest hint of an MMO got my attention.

Well i found it!  Star Trek Online

Now i’m back in anticipation mode.  I remember this feeling… Back in 2000 i picked up Everquest.  Got hooked.  EQ gave way to Dark Age Of Camelot, i remember sitting there in Tech Support (the job i worked at the time) staring at every site i could find with the littlest tidbits of information about the upcoming game.  Then Anarchy Online! Except with AO my love of Sci-Fi drug me in even further.  Then WoW.. You get the idea.  Except this is different.  I have NO IDEA when STO’s going to be released. I cant even find a date when it was announced! It looks like it was also early 2006, The oldest article i can find on their site is dated February fo 2006.

I cannot wait!  It’s being developed by Perpetual Entertainment, and from some of the tidbit’s i’ve been able to gather online, it’s going to be a pretty good game.  Theyre claiming that it’s goig to be groundbreaking.  We’ll see if it’s really all that, but even if it’s not half bad, i’ll be happy.  I’ve always wanted a first hand role in the Star Trek universe.  Well now is my chance.  You ca bet i’ll be posting more when i get more information!


-Ensign War