Do you remember MegaMan?

I spent HOURS, probably DAYS playing MegaMan 2 when i was a kid. On my old NES.. Ha, what a time I had. Well a few years ago my wife bought me the MegaMan Anniversary collection for my Gamecube. Its basically all of the old megaman games, from 1 through 8, and two “secret” games, which i havent unlocked yet. I’m sure i could find out online what they are, but hey, its part of the suspense!

Anyway, I finaly found the time to play it! I played megaman 2 all the way up to Dr. Wiley’s castle last night, and then i started playing MegaMan 8. 8’s pretty cool, ive finished two levels, and i’m working through the rest. Pretty fun game, but i do have one observation… Megaman’s a wimp! Seriously, what’s with the girly voice, and the save the planet attitude? I mean, i know he’s all about doing good and all, but seriously, is he equipped with anti-smog devices too?

Anyway, fun game, if you have a gamecube, or i guess a Wii, as they play GC games, check it out.