I know that there are mixed feelings around the world about 9/11, and the events that followed, and of course those that are still happening as a result… But today, on September 11th, 2007, we should remember those who fell, those who risked their lives to save others, and of course, those who gave everything to save others.

I didn’t personally lose anyone in the WTC attack, but that doesnt make me and less angered, or sorrowful tward what happened on that day. I can remember what I was doing that day, vividly. I can remember standing in my parents living room, my hair still wet from my morning shower, staring at the tv as the first tower burned… and then, as i watched, in total disbelieve, the unthinkable happened… The second plane hit.

I had things to do regardless. My Jeep was down due to a failed u-bolt strap. I had to get it fixed so i could get to work the next day. So we carried on with our plans for the day. My mom was taking a trip down to my Aunt’s place, so I went along with her, and on the way we stopped at a Jeep stealership to pick up the parts I needed to repair my jeep. They had the tv on, everyone except the parts guy who was helping me was glued to the television. We kept the radio on, there wasn’t any music, just talk radio, regarding what had happened, conclusions were drawn, accusations were thrown, and eventually, terrorists took the credit.

A lot about america changed that day, our security shaken, our faith jilted. Personally, i believe that those responsible, and those who support them, should be tracked down and punished. This is not an excuse for blind retribution, by no means should us efforts, and lives, be wasted on chasing down ghosts. I can’t say that I know how things should be conducted, but under the circumstances, I believe that our president, George W. Bush, has done as good a job as could be expected of just one man. Because no matter what his title, no matter what the scruitiny, and no matter what the expectations, he is still just one man, and can only do so much. President Bush’s actions directly after the attack may very well have negative, and positive repurcussions for many years to come, but I’d challenge anyone who thinks they could have done a perfect job through that trying time to walk in his shoes. It can’t be an easy role to fill, but he’s doing it.

Ok, enough, this blog might be all about me, and my opinions, but politics just arent my idea of a thrilling topic. Back to the mindlessness.

-War (Never forget!)