Google Chromebook.

I was reading this quarter's 2600 Magazine, and came across an article regarding the Google ChromeBook.  This particular model was the CR48.  He'd gotten it as part of a pilot program from Google, and he was testing it out for a week.  His goal was simply to use it for a week, as his primary computer, and see how he liked it.  His review was about what I expected, basically that it was a neat idea, and that he could see a use for it, but it was _not_ something an experienced user would be satisfied with.

Python errors in RedHat's koan, when provisioning with satellite.

We recently build a RHEL6 virtualization cluster.  Using RedHat Cluster Suite, libvirt, and kvm.  To manage our RHEL boxes, we use RHN Satellite.  On our RHEL5 cluster, this works very well.  We can provision VM's using satellite and kickstart.  Enter some data, clickity-click, wait 15 minutes, and you have a VM. After building our fancy new cluster on RHEL6 however, we found this functionality broken.  This blog entry is a loose transcription of the aggrivation that I've dealt with attempting to hammer out this issue with RedHat's support.

Enlightenment, and Eterm on Fedora 15.

I recently upgraded to Fedora 15, and I'm very put off by the selection of window managers, and their stability  I'm a long time Gnome2 user.  Gnome has a nice set of features, it works well, its stable, /cheer for the gnome team.  Gnome3, which is included in Fedora 15, is horrid.  Probably because it's still young.  Gnome 3, with gnome shell does not work at all on my desktop at work because of how my displays are configured (4 displays, spanning 2 cards with xinerama, which kills 3d-support) and while it works, technically, on my laptop, it does NOT work reliabl