01 Oct 2012

DerbyCon 2012

Submitted by Gangrif


That's the best way I can start this post. Wow.

I'm in the passenger seat of our rented VW Jetta, tethered to my galaxy nexus, typing this up on m tablet because I wanted to get some of these thoughts down before I started to lose them. Sorry for typos, touch keyboards aren't my speciality.

What a great conference! I already can't wait for next year. DerbyCon has got to be the humblest hacker conference around. I got to listen to the greats talk about their coon new projects, and then go out to eat, or drink, with them in the evening.

17 Sep 2012

Security is Hard!

Submitted by Gangrif

I am a sysadmin. So whether I call myself a security professional or not, security is fused with my daily tasks. I build servers, I administer servers. Web servers, database servers, identity servers. Servers that make the college I work for.. Work. If i don't keep security in mind, at worst our private data could be stolen, or our servers could be turned into spam zombies. So its important to keep a certain level of paranoia. It's a pain in the ass, I'll tell you that, but in the end, its worth it. I've had servers breached, trust me, its no fun.

15 Aug 2012

Repairing a water damaged Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Submitted by Gangrif

Some time ago, around the beginning of the year, Google and Samsung released the next Nexus phone. The Galaxy Nexus. A number of my co-workers were waiting for this thing to release, so they could get one. Currently 4 of my co-workers have them, one on AT&T, the others on Verizon.

One of them accidentally dropped his in a toilet... A few weeks after he got it. He made an attempt to dry it out, without dis-assembling it, and it failed, so he went to Verizon who happily charged him full price to replace it.

09 Aug 2012

I, am a hacker.

Submitted by Gangrif

The term, Hacker, has developed such a negative connotation over the past decade or so. I've fought to spread the good word, but no one seems to get it. Everyone pictures these skeezy guys that are interested solely in stealing your identity, or credit cards, or bank account. That just isn't the case! A "Hacker" is someone who hacks.. Hacking is not just computer or software related. Its more of a mind set. Bending the world, and the items in it, around you, to your will. Computer hackers make their computers, and those of others if they deem it necesary, serve them.

10 Jul 2012

You guys missed it...

Submitted by Gangrif

What a great time we live in, right? Facebook and amazon at our finger tips. Connections to all of our friends with a few taps on a touch-screen. Instant access to wheather, maps, navigation, news, and movies. All in these little devices we keep in our pockets, purses, and on our belts. Instant gratification for a fast-paced world. Teenagers with cel phones, texting all of their friends. Miniature digital cameras at everone's disposal. All of it can be yours if you're willing to hand your (or your parents, or.. the taxpayers...) hard-earned money over to somoene else.

13 Jun 2012

Backtrack linux on the Motorola Droid 4

Submitted by Gangrif

The makers of backtrack Linux have released a version of the distro which is built for ARM processors. This means that backtrack, a full Linux distribution, sort of an Ubuntu pentester's spin, will run on mobile devices. This does not however mean its a simple manner. Backtrack's website has a downloadable image built to run on the Motorola Xoom. However its not exactly plug and play.

17 Feb 2012

What Mobile Devices (and their providers) Could Learn from Computers.

Submitted by Gangrif

As I was showing a Friend my new Droid 4, and I was telling him about how Motorola and Verizon saw fit to strip the SIP capability out of Gingerbread for their own gain, he made a comment that made a lot of sense.

"Your ISP dictates what Firmware you can run on your computer, Right?"

Thanks Rich! You've given me enough fuel for another blog entry. :D

So, let's play that comment out.

16 Feb 2012

Verizon Wireless, Droid 4, initial opinions.

Submitted by Gangrif

So, I'm an android fan. I like the OS, I've owned a Droid Incredible for over a year now, and to be honest, it's operation just fits with my lifestyle. I'm not a big apple fan, and blackberry.. well, forget it. The Incredible is showing its age, its still performing well, but it's got a glitch or two. Namely that the power/sleep button seems to be acting up. That button gets used, a lot, so it's really aggravating when it doesn't work right.