21 Jul 2017

S3 usage Statistics.

Submitted by Gangrif

So I've recently decided to give S3 a chance, for media storage.  Mainly for the Iron Sysadmin Podcast episodes.  I've gotten one or two comments, not necesarily complaints, that episode downloads seem to tax my server.  It came down to bandwidth, and while I have some things to tackle to help that scenario, it was a pretty easy decision to give S3 a try.  It's something I've been meaning to try it out anyway, and this seemed like a great use case.

26 Jun 2017

Cisco AnyConnect in Gnome on Fedora 25+

Submitted by Gangrif

For work, I have to use Cisco Anyconnect as a VPN connection.  For a long time I would just use the Cisco AnyConnect official client for linux.  This software is problematic, buggy, and just plain out gives me heartburn.  So one day I came across OpenConenct, which is an open source alternative to the AnyConnect client.  It will talk to an AnyConnect gateway, and can be directly installed via Fedora's package manager.  This also works on Ubuntu, but I don't run Ubuntu, so you're on your own.